New map packs
Apr 03, 2018

Thanks to the work from Diman, we have 2 new maps packs ported from q3: (200MB) (206MB)

It adds 214 maps to the game servers.

Map list topic was updated:

New map pack
Oct 05, 2014
Say hello to qpack21!

112 maps ported from Q3 and packed by Diman.

Direct download link: (235MB)

Map list link:

Also, a third AP server was open:
New server IP
Jul 14, 2014
For financial and personal reasons, I have to change server hosting website and game servers. The impact is the change of IP address, new IP/port are posted below. Players using alias ( to connect to our servers are not affected. AP #1 => (aliased AP #2 => (aliased #VQ3 => (aliased #VET => (aliased

Previous servers ( are now deprecated and will soon be redirecting to new ones until a final shutdown in few weeks.

Website is currently being updated, player rankings may not be up to date.
Website update
Dec 03, 2013
Hi, I have spent some time improving a bit the website. Score tables now have a pagination and can be sorted on multiple columns. Scoring system was also updated to only take into account maps that have 1+ records in current physics. The website look'n'feel was also updated.

Please report bugs in "Scoreboard / site" sub-forum. Constructive feedbacks are also welcome.


30 000+ records
Aug 14, 2013
More than 30 000 records have been made since ETrun release in june 2012. v586!
SUMMERcup announcement
Jun 04, 2013
With a successful ending of APcup 2013 it's time to start preparing the next one, this time in summer!

The first map will start 1/08 (1st of August).

We are still looking for people that are willing to make a map!

For more information check this topic:

For questions pm NinjaDeer* or contact on xfire(ndeer)
APcup 2013 is finished!
Jun 01, 2013
Results of map 5:

Final scores:
APcup final map
May 29, 2013
Map 5 (from Flexz) has started, /connect

Results of map 4:
APcup map 4!
May 26, 2013
Map 4 (from Ninjadeer) has started, /connect

Results of map 3:
APcup map 3!
May 23, 2013
Map 3 (from Gnou) has started, /connect

Results of map 2:

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